Golf Apps Anyone?

When I go out and golf the last thing I want is to have my phone out the entire time hearing it buzz with texts and emails I don’t want to read or respond to.  With that being said, I am totally addicted to GolfShot and GolfPlan (by shotzoom).  These two apps are worth checking out.  At first I thought it was annoying having to pull my iPhone out to put in my score, but after using it I started to track my stats and I am hooked.  If you are serious about getting better at golf you must identify your weaknesses and make a concentrated effort ot fix them.

You might be aware that you aren’t great at getting off the tee, or getting out of the sand or even putting, but do you know how much those weaknesses are hurting your score?  Do you know how many strokes it is actually costing you every round?  If you use any of the golf apps that let you track your scores and shots you will.  For example, I started tracking my stats and found out that I NEVER get up and down out of the sand and was averaging over 2 putts per hole regardless if I hit the green in regulation or not.  Right there I knew I had to get better at putting and sand shots.  This led me to download GolfPlan and it automatically synced with my GolfShot stats to set up my plan.  Guess what they told me to work on?  Yep, putting and sand shots.  Since it is still winter out in Chicago I haven’t been able to do any of the sand drills, but I have completed almost all of the putting drills for my first go at GolfPlan and I am already seeing massive improvements in my game.  That and a new putter, but still the combination of the stats and the drills to fit my stats is insight I have never had before into my golf game.

If you are truly trying to get better this season and have goals you want to hit I can’t suggest both of these apps more.  They will give you an added edge to know where you stand and what parts of your game are holding you back.  If you think they are just a gimmick you are wrong.  They have actual value that everyday golfers can take away.  Not everyone has the luxury of working with a personal coach or taking lessons on a regular basis.  These two apps are like having your own personal coach at your fingertips.  I get instant feedback about how I played in my round and where I left strokes out on the course.  This lets me make a strategic plan for my next practice sesssion so that I am not just pounding balls at the range just to hit balls.  If I know my driver lost me 5 strokes in my last round guess which club I am going to practice at the range?  Driver baby!

Can you do this without these apps?  Of course you can, but it takes a much more concentrated effort to realize where you lost strokes on your own.  Why not let the app keep track of it for you?  It stores all of your rounds and stats so you can see if you are trending up or down in certain areas of your game.  Plus, it is really fun to see your driving accuracy and GIR percentage go up and your putting average go down.  It really is addicting, believe me.

Check both of them out here,

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