Let’s Pick a Bay Hill Winner

It is impossible to overlook the fact that Tiger has absolutely dominated when he has played at Bay Hill in the past.  The guy has won 6 times there.  6 times!  That is absurd.  Do I think he will win this week?  No, he has made great progress with his swing and he is talking about his swing as a process and finding solice in small victories around his game.  Even when he hits a bad shot he is happy that he knows why he hit that shot and can fix it.  That is great and when I hear that I truly believe he is getting comfortable and will find his way back to the winners circle soon, but not this week.

There are a few guys to keep an eye out this week.  First and foremost is Graeme McDowell.  He had a runner up at Bay Hill in 2005 and can flat out putt.  Even though he is only ranked 62nd this year in total putting I can’t think of a guy who has holed out more clutch putts in the past year than this guy.  My money is on Graeme to make it back into the winner’s circle this week.

Stuart Appleby holds two runner up finishes at Bay Hill and although he had a terrible finish (77, 70) to his weekend this week I expect him to hit the range, figure it out and come out firing.  He is one of those guys that has such a simple game and swing that it is surprising he hasn’t won more on tour.  Edoardo Molinari also owns a runner up at Bay Hill and will be in the field this week.  There are a lot of past winners in the field this week and with the Master’s looming so close by I think we are going to see a past winner come into form instead of a first timer like this past week.  Only time will tell, but I expect a great tourney this weekend.


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