Q School Leaving Good or Bad?

So the talk of most golf sites and writers the past few days has been about the potential change to the format of Q-School.  The proposed change would make Q-school a qualifying school to join the Nationwide Tour instead of the PGA Tour.  At the end of the season the top players of the Nationwide Tour would square off against the lower end of the PGA tour to see who gets a PGA Tour card for the next season.

Right now the PGA Tour hosts a handful of events at the end of the season that they call the Fall Series.  Guess what?  Not many people care to watch these tournaments because the top players rarely play in them.  This is when they all head home for the off season because they have already secured their spot on the tour for the next season.  Guys who normally don’t even sniff the top of the leaderboard all of a sudden have a chance to win a PGA tour event with a seriously depleted field of competition.  Why not give the top guns of the Nationwide tour a chance to play?  They are hungry, eager to make the tour and would give the tournaments and interesting angle.  I would watch.

The Nationwide tour has proven itself time and time again as a beneficial proving ground for young players to adjust to life on tour and a heightened level of competion.  I won’t bore you with the list of Nationwide tour graduates who have gone on to have very successful careers on the PGA tour, but just know the list is long and impressive.

Q-school is a great tradition in golf and it gives young players an amazing opportunity to make it on the tour.  That chance isn’t going to disapear.  It is just going to be hidden behind a year on the Nationwide tour.  Yes, that is an extra year of playing and proving yourself, but I don’t consider that a bad thing necessarily.  I would rather make the Nationwide Tour, validte myself out there then go on the the PGA Tour and stay a while rather than qualify through Q-school, play a season the PGA Tour with limited status and find myself right back at Q-school the next season.  I say let them play on the Nationwide Tour for validation.  It will boost ratings for the Nationwide Tour and the Fall Series if it is a match up of players from both tours for PGA Tour cards.

I’m for it.


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