Slow Play vs. Fast Play

There has been a lot of talk recently about slow play and slow players.  Arnold Palmer commented on it by saying that he has been dealing with it for 50 years and that it is something that is very hard to regulate.  I am sure most of you out there have played a round of golf with that one guy who takes ten practice swings and steps away from the ball two or three times.  It is infuriating, especially if the course is crowded and play is slow to begin with.  Chances are that is the guy who shanks, duff or mis-hits the ball the most in your group.  I can’t stand it, but I would never say anything to a playing partner.  It is their game and they can play it the way the want to.  With that being said, I think it is a huge distraction to have a slow player in your group because no matter how hard you try to tune it out they become the focal point of the round.  “Oh man, how long is Johnny going to take to hit this one?” starts becoming the conversation of the round instead of catching up with friends and focusing on your own game.  Maybe I just need to tune it out better, but it is distracting and tough to deal with.  Ever seen Ben Crane’s pre-shot routine?  Holy cow the guy is slow.

Similarly, I find it just as distracting playing with someone who is super fast and blows through their round.  I’m talking about guys who play like Angel Cabrera and Steve Marino.  They look like they have to use the restroom or left the kitchen sink running.  I don’t care if they play fast, but I always feel like those fast players are annoyed and waiting on me during my round.  I am not a slow player, but when you get a super fast player in your group it is not fun to have then tapping their foot as you line up your putt or approach shot.  In the video below the people are still clapping Cabrera when he hits his tee shot.  What’s the rush Angel?

My question is which is worse?  A super slow player or a super fast player?

If you need help deciding, check out an example of each here.


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