Winter Practice

It is raining in Chicago today to go along with a temperature of 41 degrees.  Needless to say I won’t be making out on the course today, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to try and get better.

Days like this are perfect for going to the covered range and working on the shots that are hurting my scores so far this season.  That would be hitting solid tee shots and eliminating one side of the course.  For me, that is elminating the right side.  I naturally hit a draw and am comfortable missing all of my tee shots to the left.  I get in trouble when I get quick and push shots out to the right.  So that will be a big fix I can knock out this afternoon with a few buckets.

Secondly, I need to knock the winter rust off of my irons and make sure I am striking the ball instead of trying to guide it.  This will fix itself after a few buckets as well.

The biggest thing I can work on, and did work on throughout winter was putting.  I will hit 50 putts tonight from 10 feet and in just to get comfortable with hitting the sweet spot of the putter, working on my routine and gaining confidence that those putts are a gimmie for me.  Putting can get tedious, but if you put in the time and hit 50+ balls a night you will see massive improvement in your putting stats.  Also, nothing is more gratifying than sinking a 10 to 15 foot putt during a round.  Trust me it feels good and will make you want to go hit 100 balls a night just to do it again.


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