5 Things I Hate in Golf

There are a few things I can’t stand when I go out and play.  Let me set the scene a little bit better.  I live in Chicago and play with two buddies regularly with a few other guys thrown in every now and then.  Our golf season is limited so we take full advantage of the summer playing a few times a week (before work if necessary).  When I go out and play I want to enjoy myself as much as possible.  Here is my list of the top 5 things that make my round less enjoyable.

Gimmes – If you think gimmes are either ok or part of the game of golf (besides in match play) then you are crazy and I wouldn’t want to play with you.  One guy I play with thinks that anything inside of 3 feet is a gimme for him.  Guess what?  It is NOT a gimme.  There is a reason they call those putts knee knockers.  They are the scariest putts in golf in my mind and if you want to count your score as legitimate then you have to knock those puppies in.  If you take gimme putts then your scorecard should have a big fat asterisk on it.  Step up and make your putts.

Slow Play – The guys I play with are not nearly good enough to take ten practice swings, step away from the ball, check the wind direction and pretend they are going to land the ball on the right part of the green.  Anywhere on the green is a win for us so why pretend otherwise?  I understand the flip side to the argument that in order to get better you need to take it seriously and “act as if”.  Believe me, I take my golf game seriously, but I don’t take five minutes to hit each shot.  Plus, haven’t the best players in the world said that it is crucial to get a pre-shot routine and stick to it?  No one needs ten practice swings each time.  It is over kill and makes the round not as enjoyable.  Pick it up guys.

Anger – I am all for caring about your score and your game, but if you are smashing clubs and dropping F bombs on the course, knock it off.  Chances are you aren’t breaking the course record so chill out.  I don’t even like it when Tiger pouts and freaks out and he is often trying to break the course record.  If it isn’t ok for Tour Pros to do it then why should the weekend warrior be allowed to.  It is embarrassing, classless and not a good representation of the game.  Take a deep breath and hit a good next shot, because in reality that is your only real option.

Blaming Equipment This might be one of my favorite things to hate in golf.  As much as it is annoying it is also humorous.  Everyone knows the guy I am talking about.  It is your friend who hits a bad shot off the tee and says, “My driver is too long/short/stiff.”  The next round they show up with a brand new driver and hit the same duck hook or slice.  There is no doubt getting fit for the right gear can help your game, but it will not fix your terrible swing.  Save your money and go get some lessons.  It will help you in the long run.  On a side note the only club I support switching up if you are not confident with it is your putter.  If you stand over your putter and don’t feel confident you can hit a good putt you never will.  Go ahead and swap it out for a putter you feel comfortable with.  It is worth it.

Bad Sand – I mentioned earlier that I live in Chicago and the local course by my house is owned by the city so they do not care about the condition of the bunkers as much as a Cog Hill does.  At this time of year they don’t even have rakes out.  Your chances of getting a good lie are zero.  Hitting a bunker is almost certainly a stroke penalty.  To me that isn’t what golf is about.  At any other course hitting a bunker is not a great thing, but you normally have a decent chance to get it out and make a mid range putt.  I can’t stand hitting into poorly maintained bunkers.  I am so used to them that I have a mental block in my head that tells me “well there goes your chance at par”.  Probably not the best mentality, but I am being very realistic.  Don’t believe me?  I will post a picture the next time I go out.  Hopefully tomorrow.

What do you hate about golf?

5 Comments to “5 Things I Hate in Golf”

  1. Good read and some good points! Poorly maintained bunkers are frustrating.

    I don’t like when courses open and charge full price early in the season when they’re clearly not in “ready” condition yet. Recently happened to me. I won’t say the course but they didn’t even have the tee markers out.

  2. Good article. I’m always amused when golfers make a bad shot and then look at their club as if somehow that club did them in. And golfers substitute lots of things for the club’s fault, like you pointed out. Bad sand (or grass or ??), the swing, other people’s actions, etc. I’ve heard all kinds of things from my golf clients as to why they are in slumps – one of the best was “they changed the menu at the snack bar and that put me in a slump.” What I suggest is that golfers remember a time they did well, that helps reset the expectation of success (since they’ve already achieved it at least once).

  3. There are all five great points. I’ve played with guys who don’t putt anything within FIVE feet of the cup. They don’t even have even odds of making the putt and they just take it as a GIMME which for them would be anything within a golf ball’s width. If you don’t putt out your score is not real!

    Also, what is your course superintendant waiting for as far as rakes are concerned, are they being regripped or something? I spend a lot of time grooming the bunkers at my muni even if I don’t end up in them, while waiting for other players to finish out. raking the trap is a lost art, a critical part of golf etiquette, as much as fixing ball marks on greens, replacing divots, and not stepping in someone’s line.

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