Love the Leaderboard

I absolutely love the leaderboard at Bay Hill right now.  After a pretty boring day 1 with only a handful of really good rounds, the course gave it up today and guys took advantage.  I keep looking at the leaderboard and I find myself running through scenarios that I would like to watch over the weekend.  Fowler goes low to get in contention, Bubba makes a move, Tiger finds his game, Laird dominates the field, Duffner plays his way into the Masters, Garcia regains his old form, Marino breaks through, Mahan brings it home, Levin hold off the field, KJ wins.  The headlines are endless and I can’t wait to watch.

It seems as though certain tournaments always deliver and Bay Hill is delivering on all fronts right now.  Maybe it is because the King is the host or the Masters is right around the corner.  Either way I don’t care.  It is downright fun to watch and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.  Even Miller won’t ruin this tourney for me this weekend.  I have a full proof plan against his nonsensical commentary.  Nothing but Mute for Mr. Miller.

Quick side note.  There are rumors that the Johnny Miller on twitter is not really him.  If so, I apologize for my comments about his tweets, but he still bothers me as a commentator.  Won’t apologize for that.


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