Golf and Xanax

It was hard not to notice the lack of composure exhibited by a few players today during the coverage of Round 3.  Spencer Levin’s freak out after his wayward tee shot on 16 was hilarious.  He looked like a teenager and not at all like a confident golfer poised to win his first Tournament.  With that being said, he salvaged a bogey and went on to be only 2 back from Laird at the end of the round.  Tiger gets a lot of press for his poor behavior after he hits a shot he doesn’t like, but Levin’s was by far worse and more entertaining all at the same time.  You could see the rage in his eyes.  He looked like he was going to explode.  It was seriously funny and I felt like he could use a good dose of Xanax so he wouldn’t have a real breakdown.  Poor guy just really cares, but there is no need to freak like that.

Levin wasn’t the only one out there who was expressing himself negatively.  Steve Marino almost took his caddy’s hand off when he slammed his club into his bag.  That doesn’t really shock me though.  Marino always looks like he is on the verge of a mental breakdown from frustration.  Sergio looked like he has just been whipped by the game of golf after he missed a putt from 18 inches.  The game can be humbling.

On the flip side there were a few guys who handled themselves with poise and grace.  K.J. Choi never lost his cool out there and I’m not sure if he ever does.  He duffed a bunker shot, left his next short, missed his par putt and went on to bogey three holes in a row, but you would never be able to tell.  He is cool, calm and collected no matter if he is -4 or +4.  The same can be said for guys like Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler.  They seem to just grind it out every round and never freak out like Tiger does.  That to me is a breath of fresh air and I wish more players had that demeanor.

Today’s round wasn’t all that exciting, but the weather is calling for higher winds tomorrow.  If Round 1 showed us anything with 13 guys over 80 Sunday could have an exciting finish and possible a few blow ups.  Either way I am expecting an interesting finish.


3 Comments to “Golf and Xanax”

  1. Spencer is from here, there are many stories about him and without going into detail I’ll just say that your observations are dead on. But he has a ton of talent.

  2. Anger and Passion are often miscontrued when applying either emotion to a sport. Names like Ogilvy, Woods, and now Levin are notorious for having “overly-passionate” responses on the course during tournaments. Frankly, as long as the integrity of the game is not compromised, I have no problem with seeing a little anger after a bad shot.

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