Nothing is More Important than Feel

In case you just glanced over the headline of this post take a second and read it again.  I will repeat it once more.  Nothing is more important that feel!!

Every golfer has a moment of clarity when they hit a good shot, chip or putt.  They can feel the shot was pure in every corner of their body.  As soon as it happens they know the shot was good.  The same is true for bad shots.  We can feel when we are too steep, too quick, chunk a shot, thin a shot, hook or slice a drive.  As golfers we spend countless hours at the driving range trying to develop the right feel to our game.  In the back of our minds we all know what we are working on and the type of shot we want to hit.  It is an essential element to getting better as a player.

It is funny to me that with so much of the game focusing on feel many players sacrifice feel when they buy equipment.  Before I go on I will say that I am guilty of this too.  When I first started playing I was that kid who went into the golf store and bought the first set of irons that the “golf pro” told me I hit well.  It was a set of game improvement irons that worked for me as a beginner, but I am not sure it was the best fit.  The next time I went to buy a set of Irons I told the “golf pro” that I wanted to hit everything.  I wasn’t kidding.  I wanted to hit every set of Irons he had just to see which felt the best.  This was a much better idea and I ended up getting a set of clubs that I was extremely happy with.  Looking back, I fell short again.  I didn’t actually hit everything.  I didn’t hit any of the blade style irons because I was always told that blades are only for seriously good players.  I agree that you have to have a keen ability to hit the sweet spot to play blades, but they are amazing clubs and they can help certain players.  Again, I limited myself in my club selection by not finding out what feels the best.

I was most recently guilty of limiting myself when I bought a Scotty Cameron putter.  The thing was gorgeous and all I have ever heard my whole golfing career was how you can’t have a better putter than a Scotty Cameron.  Guess what?  I sucked with it.  I wasn’t confident and I never had a good feel for the thing.  I finally got fed up and traded it in and got a putter that I can feel much better.  Now I am stroking putts much better and my putting stats are getting better every time I go out and play.  I finally learned to trust myself when it comes to finding what I like and not just buying what is popular at the moment.

The nuts and bolts of my point is figure out what YOU like to hit.  Don’t let the guy at Golf Smith, Dicks or Golf Galaxy tell you that you should be playing Burner Irons if you don’t feel comfortable playing Burner Irons.  If you feel the best hitting Hogan’s, McGreggor or Adams irons then buy them.  It will help your game from a confidence stand point immediately.  Don’t buy the latest gimmick because it looks cool.  Buy the club that you can feel the best.  Trust me, it will help you play better and enjoy the game.



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