Bad Shots Happen…Get Over It!

Golf season is rapidly approaching here in Chicago and I have been desperately trying to shake off the winter rust.  I have been out to play four times so far and each time was miserably cold.  It is difficult to get distance down in the cold because the ball doesn’t fly as far and your body gets stiff in the frigid temperatures.  The local course is not in playing shape yet so the fairway and rough are pretty similar.  With all of these negatives swirling around each of my four rounds I have found that letting the bad shots go has made my rounds more enjoyable.

I am a bit of a perfectionist so I always think I can hit a better shot or I could have done better.  With all of the poor conditions around my game right now I have found it easier to say, “That was a good shot, but the wind really got it”, or “I hit that well and it would have been better if the lie wasn’t so bad.”  As I am saying these things to myself, I have been able to move on to the next shot and really focus on each shot as an individual effort.  Before, if I hit a shot I was unhappy with I had the mentality that my round was ruined and my game was out of whack.

I have finally come to the realization that it really isn’t the conditions that are causing these bad shots.  It is Golf.  They happen and I am finally realizing how to move on and enjoy each round more.  I am going to hit bad drives.  I am going to miss greens.  Three putts are inevitable.  I used to let these things get me upset and make me forget that I am outside and playing the game I love.  Every bad shot I hit presents a challenge to hit a really good shot the next time to redeem myself.  What other game offers such an immediate chance for redemption?  This new approach has made the game much more enjoyable and I highly suggest you embrace it if you have not already.  Just let it go.  Seems simple right?


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