I am Sick and Tired of Missing Greens!!

I am currently struggling to wipe off all of the winter frost from my game.  As I do that, I am taking a concentrated look at my stats to focus my practice time where necessary.  I am decent off the tee, but really struggle to hit greens in regulation.  My other glaring problem is that when I miss greens I rarely get up and down.  So I have the choice where to focus my practice time.  Do I focus on my short game or on dialing in my irons?

The smartest thing to do would be to work on my short game as much as possible, but living in a big city makes that difficult.  The range near me doesn’t have a chipping green where I can really dial in my short chips.  Therefore, I have decided to take option 2.  I am going to make a concentrated effort to hit more greens in regulation.  Of course I will not entirely neglect my short game since it is inevitable that I will miss greens and need to have confidence in myself to chip it relatively close.

As I think back on all of my recent rounds I find that my miss is left.  I am a right handed player so that means I pull the ball.  I hit a natural draw so the miss left is fine with me, but recently it has been more drastic than usual.  After taking some time to think about why this is happening I finally came to the realization that I am hitting full shots into greens and sometimes trying to force a shorter club to distances I could easily take one more club and choke down.  This is going to be my commitment to myself as I work to hit more greens this summer.

I think my tendency is to try to muscle the ball to the green and I tend to over cook it to the left as I over swing.  If I can get myself to trust that I have enough club and produce as smoother swing, I think I will drastically improve my GIR stats.  As I improve my greens hit let’s hope I can two putt consistently.  Here is to hoping!

3 Comments to “I am Sick and Tired of Missing Greens!!”

  1. Good call, but just keep in mind that often times when we try to 3/4 a shot it is easy to stop turning through, flip, and hit it farther left. Make sure to keep your body moving through the shot. For me, that means making sure I fire those hips out a little more on the downswing, or pre-set it with a slightly open stance. Your mileage may vary!

    • Great points. I am definitely concerned that my distances are going to be out of whack for a little bit and I may run into the dreaded “swing easy pull” but at this point I am committed to giving it a shot. If I can generate crisp contact and like you said keep my body moving through the shot I think the control will follow.

  2. I decided this year to work on my short game. Anything within 100 yards. I’d like to hit more GIR’s but even if I get up to 50% (which I don’t think I can in the near future) it means I’m still missing 50% of the greens.

    Good read and let us know how it goes!

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