The Master of all Tournaments

On Sunday, the Master’s proved once again that it is the most entertaining golf tournament in the world.  The tournament had twists and turns, old faces as well as new faces and more people in contention than patrons.  I haven’t looked at any of the leader board changes this morning to see how many players were tied for the lead, lead changes etc. and I don’t plan on it.  I enjoyed the tournament finale so much that I want to let it sink in and just enjoy it for what it was.  I don’t want to dig into the nuts and bolts just yet.

I think a big congratulation’s is in store for Charl Schwartzel for an unbelievable win.  The way he finished off the tournament in the facing of surging super stars was truly deserving of the green jacket and all the praise that will surely follow his major victory.  Four birdies in the last four holes is out of this world.  The guy was in the zone and it was clear he wanted it bad.

As great as Charl’s performance was Rory’s was equally shocking.  I can’t write about the finish of the tournament with out talking about Rory.  His final round 80 will go down in golf history.  It will be talked about along with his British Open collapse, Dustin Johnson’s U.S. Open collapse and Van de Le’s melt down.  There is no denying the fact that it was painful to watch.  I truly felt bad for Rory because it so clear how talented he is.  It was evident that the pressure simply overtook him.  You could see it in his mannerisms and facial expression after his shot on 13 that he was a gonner and didn’t want to be on the golf course any more.  He still finished tied for fifteenth, which is very respectable for a 21 year old, but he gave the tournament away and knows it.

I don’t doubt that he will get another shot and will do much better.  With Rory losing in that fashion, the pain will most likely build his character and will hopefully spur him on to some hard work that will get him over the hump next time.  I just can’t imagine that that was Rory’s only shot in his career.  He is far too talented.

It was great to see Tiger, KJ, Westwood, Cabrera and Stricker up in the Top 20 of the tourney, but how about Adam Scott, Jason Day, Justin Rose and Luke Donald all making a splash this year?  All of these young guys have had their name thrown in the mix of great young talents, but have not really produced great major performances.  Granted Rose and Donald and older, but they both played well in a major which bodes well for future tournaments.  Jason Day will win a major in my opinion.  He plays the game aggressively, but with poise much more mature than his age.
My last comment about the tournament is in regards to Geoff Ogilvy’s post round interview.  He took the time to make a comment that he is really excited for his good friend Adam Scott for playing so well and giving himself a chance to win.  Although Geoff’s name is hard to spell I am pretty sure you could spell it C-L-A-S-S and people would get it.  In comparison to Tiger’s interview where he is callous, cold and just comes off as a jerk it was refreshing.  This is just another reason golf is like no other sport in the world.

One Comment to “The Master of all Tournaments”

  1. Nice article.Rory will be stronger for this experience although I must say it was scary to see a pro play the way most of us amateurs do when the nerves take over!

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