Find a Putting Routine and Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Nothing has helped my putting stats this year more than my commitment to my routine.  I still miss putts and I still have the occasional three putt.  I have come to terms with the cold hard fact that they will always happen.  As much as I want them to disappear forever I know they are part of the game and will always be a nasty little reminder of how frustrating golf can be.

The biggest change I have seen in my putting is that my routine keeps me relaxed.  No matter what score the putt is for or how far away it is I know that I have to go through my routine before I hit it.  It gives my mind something else to focus on instead of all the negative thoughts that often find their way into my head before a putt.  I don’t have as many negative thoughts in general now that I think about it.

Since I have started to religiously use my routine I have been putting better and I have more confidence in my ability to two putt.  By keeping my mind on completing my routine I have been able to improve statistically and mentally.  Guess what else?  Golf is more fun when you aren’t worried about missing putts.  The game is much more fun when you walk up to the green thinking about possibly sinking your next putt but if nothing else two putting and moving on.  Golf is miserable when you can only think about all the putts you missed and how you don’t want to double or triple bogey this hole and be embarrassed by your score at the end of the round.  Trust me, I have been there and I have been that player.  It is exhausting.

Golf is a game and when you have even the slightest bit of confidence going your way it can be wildly fun.  I urge you to develop a putting routine in some way shape or from and commit to it.  You will see results and most likely improve your overall enjoyment of the game.  I know I have and I am excited to see how that enjoyment and confidence increases as the season warms up!

In case anyone was wondering what my routine is, I will share it with you.  I put my ball down in front of my marker with only the white of the ball showing.  I used to mark it with a large black line so I could point it at my target.  I stopped doing that because I began focusing so much on the line itself that I forgot about visualizing the putt itself.  Once my ball is down I take a look at the hole from behind and visualize the ball rolling on the desired line all the way until it goes in the hole.  Next, I step up to the ball and take my practice strokes.  I take one practice stroke looking at the ball and two looking at the hole.  After that, I address the ball, take one more look at the hole and then hit my putt.  It might not work for you, but it works for me.

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