Friendly Major

Last year, my good friend and I started up our own version of a “Major Championship”.  We don’t play golf competitively except for against each other so it was only appropriate that we started to up the anti as we have gotten better.  We play against a lot of other friends over the summer, but we are by far the most competitive and played Division 1 lacrosse together on the same midfield line.  Needless to say, we have been competing against one another for almost six years now in everything from golf to video games.  It is just the nature of the friendship.

Two summers ago we planned a trip to go to San Diego, my hometown, for three days of good food and golf.  There were three golfers on the trip, but this was the first official Major against my one buddy and myself.  The concept is simple enough.  It consists of three rounds of golf with the low score winning.  This summer we have adjusted it to include strokes from our handicaps.  Unfortunately, I owe him a few strokes this year, but oh well.  Each summer we pick one or two destinations to go and play three rounds of golf.  I already mentioned San Diego as the inaugural stop, but last summer also included Cape Cod as our second major.

The thing that I find unique and addictive about our format is that the loser must buy the winner a golf shirt from the hardest course you played over the three days.  For us, the first trip was Torrey Pines and the second trip was Cape Cod National Golf Club.  My friend won the first Major in San Diego and I had to fork over $70 for his brand new Nike golf shirt with Torrey Pines stamped on the front.  He then had to turn around and get me a Cape Cod National Polo golf shirt after I crushed him on the Cape.

It has been a very fun way for us to compete against each other on the course and it gives us something to look forward to every summer.  It is a great excuse to get out and play new courses as well as hone our games leading up to the event.  It gives us incentive to play more than just winning and lowering our handicaps.

With winter taking a hike in Chicago we are getting ready to plan this seasons first major.  It sounds like this year will consist of three rounds out at Cog Hill with each day being played on a different course.  I can’t wait, especially since my game has really been coming around and clicking recently.  I feel like I am on the verge of really putting it together for a summer of steady play and lower scores.  I will post a picture once I am wearing my new trophy!


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