Why Do Writers Hate Golfers?

Normally, I love all things golf.  I like reading about golf, I like watching golf and I like playing golf.  Recently, I no longer enjoy reading about golf.  I feel like every time I start reading a golf story the only thing that people want to talk about is how poorly Tiger is doing.  Has the golf media always been this cynical or do we as the public just love to see golfers do poorly?   I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure there were a few golf tournaments played this weekend and some players who played well and actually won.  Maybe that is worth talking about, especially since one of those winners was 17 years old.  It seems like the golf media only wants to embrace Tiger (good or bad) and not the plethora of young talent budding before our eyes these days.

Maybe I am just making a sweeping generalization here, but the lead story (main photo) on golf.com today is STILL about Kevin Na’s 16 and not about Matteo Manassero winning his second European Tour event or Brendan Steele winning his first PGA Tour event.  How are those stories not more important than Kevin Na’s 16?  I get the fact that we don’t normally see that high of a score from a professional, but it isn’t front-page news to me.  The New York Times would disagree with me on this point.

It just seems wrong to me that the Golf world would rather talk about a high score or Tiger’s struggles than young new talent excelling and coming into their own.  A few people say we will never see another player like Tiger Woods, but guess what?  Manassero might just be that player and no one seems to care.  Shouldn’t the golf community be more excited about great young players taking the game over instead of Tiger’s return to dominance?

Ok, I agree that watching Tiger play and win is exciting and great for the game of golf, but it isn’t the only reason I like golf.  Golf was a popular sport before Tiger came along and it will stick around long after he is gone.  It is inevitable that new stars will come up in the ranks in every sport.  I don’t understand why more people don’t see this as exciting and good for the game.  We should be embracing this change and not desperately hanging on to the past where Tiger won every tournament he entered.

I know the discussion about Tiger’s comeback won’t go away, but to be blunt I don’t care if he comes back or not.  I think golf is full of young stars right now and I love the game for what it is not for who is playing it.  Watching Tiger make a charge at the Masters was fun, but Charl Schwartzel’s closing birdie run was down right amazing.  Guess what people talked about more?  You got it, Tiger.  That, to me, is wrong.  I don’t care who wins each golf tournament as long as they earned it with their play.  I for one am excited for the future of the game in the post Tiger era.  Even if this isn’t the end of the Tiger Era just yet, it will come one day and people will have to accept that.  Eventually, there will be new stars for the media to latch on to and obsess over when they play poorly.  I’m sure they can’t wait!

2 Comments to “Why Do Writers Hate Golfers?”

  1. Hear hear !!!! I cannot believe how much coverage Tiger Woods gets on TV and in the media. He is an arrogant tosser living in his former glory. When and if he regains his form perhaps I might be interested until then I agree let’s hear about the golfers winning and playing well!!!

  2. great post. I for one have from time to time fallen into the Tiger trap and written on his successes and downfalls but I was shocked when I was reading my usual golf news this morning expecting it to be all about rookies winning and the new youngster stars such as Steele and Manassero but most were still about Kevin Na (who I agree was newsworthy but not for this long he ended up with a score of 80 give him a break).

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