This Game is Mental

I want to write a quick post as a follow-up to my last post about how the nature of the goals I had set for myself had adversely effected my game.  I went back out yesterday with re-adjusted goals just to see how it would affect my score, my enjoyment of the round and my swing thoughts.

Well, the jury is out and setting positive and attainable goals is an absolute MUST for me.  It made all the difference in the world.  Instead of setting goals that were centered on negative outcomes, I set the following positive goals.

1. Pick good targets

2. Commit to every shot

3. Hit smooth putts

4. Be aggressive on chip shots

Did I shoot my best score ever with these goals?  No, but I played much better than my previous round where I was focused on (no three putts, no double bogeys…etc).  I didn’t have as many negative swing thoughts standing over each shot.  It was easier to allow myself to just focus on my target and let the swing happen this way.  I wasn’t consumed by thoughts like, “if I miss this green I will probably bogey the hole and not break 40 today.”  Those thoughts were non-existent when I was focusing on my targets.  I also hit more greens and scored much better.

I think the next step with this is to really employ positive goals on my short game and putting.  My putting has been good this season thus far, but not great.  My short game is really holding me back and I need to make a concentrated effort to improve in that area.  I think a good step will be to pick out very specific targets on chip shots around the green and to visualize the shot I want to hit before I hit it.  I tend to visualize tee shots and approach shots well, but don’t really do it around the greens.  I think this is a huge mistake and I plan on employing it much more on my short game.  Getting better around the greens is going to be the key to me breaking 80 for the first time this summer and I have to start making that a point of focus in my practice and playing.

The game isn’t there quite yet, but the progress has been moving forward!  Long way to go, but I am headed in the right direction.


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