Is Golf Gear Getting Too Relaxed?

Golf clothing has always been the butt of many jokes.  Every generation has had their fashion forward players and equally their boring mundane players.  Even today we have a mix of guys like Ian Poulter, John Daly, and Rickie Fowler.  They all have a very distinct look that you can’t miss.  At times it seems over the top (I guess not so much Bubba), but these types of players have always existed in the game of golf.

On the flip side golf has always had players who never turn heads with their clothing.  Cue Matt Kuchar, Steve Stricker and Kenny Perry.  I wonder how many pairs of Khakis these guys collectively own.  They are all good players in their own right and you don’t have to be a walking fashion statement, but I do think there are a few guys on tour right now who have created a personal “golf” image without being incredibly bold and obnoxious with their clothing.

Take a look at Bubba Watson, Nick Watney and Chris Kirk.  All of these guys wear Travis Mathew gear and I really like the look.  It is clean, simple and different from the normal golf logo shirt that we see time and time again on the course and in the golf shop.  This makes me wonder if this is going to be a trend we will see moving forward.  Rory McIlroy is wearing more unique polos from Oakley as well.

There are still a lot of guys out on tour that just wear the logo polo and don’t push the envelope and that is fine, but how will this affect the average weekend golfer?  I have still yet to see anyone out on a golf course wearing Puma gear or representing a tie and cardigan like Ryan Moore, but I have seen more clothing from Travis Mathew, Oakley and flat brimmed hats that are much more casual.

Arnold Palmer is set to re-design his clothing line and I think we are going to see a look that represents his style from the past in a new modern way.  What is that going to look like?  Not sure, but I am willing to bet it will be popular among golfers who are looking to get away from the logo polos of most major brands.  Even Under Armour is making golf shirts that are much more flashy and out there as opposed to their old X on the front and solid colors.

I, for one, like the change and just bought my first two Travis Mathew polos this past week.  I am looking forward to wearing them out this summer to escape the usual hum drum boring logo polos I am used to.  I doubt golf will ever have an X-games edge to it fashion wise, but it feels like the fashion is becoming more mainstream and I dare say casual at times.  Freddy wearing those Ecco sneakers at Augusta was game changing in terms of what shoes were acceptable for respectable golfers.  I like the less stuffy look and think it will only progress, but who knows…this game holds more of it’s original traditions than any other I can think of.


One Comment to “Is Golf Gear Getting Too Relaxed?”

  1. I actually like some of the Puma stuff but nothing to out there like an all orange Fowleresque outfit. Golf apparel for men has really improved lately, I’m glad to see the new choices.

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