Luuuuuke and World #1 Musical Chairs

Nothing to really disect here.  Luke Donald is playing out of his mind this year and is my pick to win this upcoming weekend at the Zurich Classic.  You could see it in Luke’s demeanor last weekend that he knew he gave the Heritage away.  He put himself in bad spots in the playoff and still forced it to go three holes.

I think Donald’s accuracy and momentum will carry over into this weekend and he will be up near the top of the leader board again.  Plus, it will add to the drama of who is #1 in the world even more.  Does anyone really care who #1 is if it changes hands so often?  I think it is clear that there is no clear #1 right now.  Donald has a chance to change that if he keeps playing so well, but that still wouldn’t convince me he is a clear #1 the way Tiger did for so long.

Westwood, Kaymer and Donald are great players, but can I say with confidence that they are the clear choice for best in the world?  No I can’t, and I don’t think most people can either.  I think the musical chairs that has been going on with the world #1 just highlights the fact that Tiger was an absurd anomaly with how aggressively he dominated this game for so long.  A bunch of great names have held the world #1 title, but since its inception it hasn’t had a long term resident like Tiger.  It is a fluid title, but I think it is fitting for golf to constantly be evaluating who is #1 based on recent play.

Bottom line is that I am picking Luke for the win this weekend (back to back pick) and to take over the world #1 title from Westwood.  Expect more and more Luuuuuuuuke calls!

One Comment to “Luuuuuke and World #1 Musical Chairs”

  1. I think it’s kind of interesting to see all the golfers in contention for for the #1 spot it certainly has been a while before the Tiger era where this was even something to keep track of. Glad to see you have a favorite I think Luke was playing fantastic this past week and hopefully we will see more of it this week. As for who my favorite pick for #1 I don’t think I have such a clear cut winner as you have chosen.

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