Playing a New Golf Ball

A few months ago I decided I was going to buy a box of all the golf balls on the “Hot List” in the under $40 range and try them out.  My intent was to write a review about each one after playing a few rounds with them.  The problem is, I really like the first ball I bought.  I have lost all interest in trying out any of the other balls right now.  That doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind and pick up a few of the other brands later in the summer, but right now I am more than happy with the ball I picked.  I am not going to pretend I understand all of the science behind all of the new golf balls and why I like the ball I do.  I like it because it feels good to me and I am playing better golf.  My misses are not as drastic and I feel confident standing over putts that I will get the speed right.

The ball I landed on is the Bridgestone e6.  At first I wasn’t that excited about it because Bridgestone isn’t as flashy as Nike or Titelist, but the ball is great.  Apparently, the ball is supposed to promote a straighter ball flight and for the most part it does.  Yes, I still miss shots right and left, but they misses aren’t quite as bad.  I am by no means bombing this ball off the tee ten or twenty yards further than my old ball either.  It is very modest when it comes to distance, but it does have something going on with reducing side spin off the driver and irons.  I don’t put enough spin on the ball with my irons and wedges to really take advantage of the upper echelon of golf balls anyways so this ball performs just fine on chip shots and wedge shots around the green.

It is also quite durable.  Only one ball has had it’s cover chipped so far and that could have been from hitting a tree or some other object out on the course (that tends to happen with my game).  Like I said earlier, it isn’t as glamourous or flashy as some of the other balls out right now, but I would recommend giving it a shot.  They are relatively cheap and you might be pleasantly surprised by the performance.


2 Comments to “Playing a New Golf Ball”

  1. One of the more unfortunate myths the golf industry tries to perpetuate is that playing a more inexpensive ball is better for your game, which of course simply isn’t true. There’s a ball out there for every golfer’s swing speed/style and one just has to find it. It might take some time and money, but once in a while you can find a less expensive ball that does just about everything for your swing that a top of the line golf ball does. I’m happy to hear that you might have struck gold on your first try.

    sportsglutton (aka golfglutton)

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. My game and wallet have been very happy with the ball change!

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