Grip Change for the Driver

I have been struggling with my driver a bit over the past few rounds which is normally one of the stronger points of my game.  After two frustrating rounds I made my way to the range to see if I could make some effective tweaks to straighten my drives out.  I tried a few things with no avail.  I played with ball position, grip pressure, stance, posture, back swing length, follow through and weight shift.  Not much was helping.  I was hitting a two way miss which was really frustrating.

I finally decided to try and grip the driver with an interlock grip instead of my normal overlap grip.  I also started to try and focus on keeping my grip pressure tighter on my last three fingers on my left hand.  All of a sudden I started to hit the ball straighter with a slight cut.  My normal miss is left, but I have always wanted to hit a slight cut.  I didn’t get too excited, but it stuck for a few more swings and started to feel very solid and fluid.  I took it to the course the next day and shot an 87 with no balls OB off the tee on a tighter course than I am used to.

I am not sure exactly why this is because I am not a golf instructor, but I have a feeling it has to do with me releasing my wrists too soon or too late and not having a solid club head angle at the point of impact.  It was making me lose confidence in my swing.  By changing my grip I felt like I was delivering a square club face at impact with a smooth swing.  It was refreshing and fun to find something that has made a difference in my swing and created much more consistency in my drives than I previously had.

I am playing again on Friday afternoon so we will see if I can carry it over, but I feel confident about it and am looking forward to getting out and playing.  Now I just need to find a short game.   Anyone know where I can find one of those?


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