David Toms has a Short Term Memory aka Next Shot Mentality

Is there any better recent example of having a “next shot mentality” than David Toms this weekend?  The guy hasn’t won on Tour in forever and is undoubtedly on the down swing of his career.  Not only that, but he lost last week on a heartbreaking playoff putt that would cause most people to walk away from the game for an extended period of time.  Does that get him down and depressed?  Nope!  What does he do instead of pouting and feeling sorry for himself?  He comes out and shoots back to back 62’s in the first two rounds at Colonial.  Granted, he backed it up with a 74 and blew a 7 shot lead the next day, but what did he do after that?  He shoots at 67 to win.

If you aren’t impressed by that then you must not love the game of golf.  First off, the fact that he came back after missing that putt at the players and shot a 62 is amazing.  He obviously had his internal fire for the game reignited to pull something like that off.  Then to back it up with another 62 was truly incredible.  After posting the 36 hole lead the questions swirled about whether Toms could hold the lead through the weekend or whether or not he would add his name to the slew of other players this year who have held a 36 or 54 hole lead only to blow it big time over the weekend.  After his third round 74 it looked like he would do just that.

Listening to his interview you could tell he was not shaken by the poor score.  He acknowledged his disappointment in the score but said he was happy to get himself back in contention and felt his game was much better that day than his score indicated.  Talk about a guy who didn’t let all of the outside factors get to him.  That to me shows incredible heart, determination and mental toughness.  I was expecting him to flub this tournament again just because most players this year have shown that they are very adept at losing leads on the weekend rather than retaining them.

He proved me wrong and it was fun to watch.  I give him much credit for pulling it off this weekend after such a heart breaking lose the previous week.  Tom’s resurgence is truly a great story in golf and one I hope continues to progress.


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