It’s about time Donald took over the #1 spot!

I know it is only the first round of the BMW championship and Donald has by no means gained the top spot in the world, but I have to say come on already Luke!  Westwood only managed an even par round and will be fighting a serious uphill battle tomorrow and possibly this weekend to maintain his top spot.

If Luke Donald does in fact take over the top spot in the world I think it will be great for the PGA Tour.  Westwood has played well this year, but the knock on him is that he isn’t always playing against the top players in the world every weekend.  That can’t be said for Donald since his success has come on the PGA Tour this season.  Now he is backing it up on the European Tour which makes me think his game is that much more elevated than Westwood at the moment.

There have been two different story lines this year that come into play here.  The fact that the European players are stepping up and occupying the top ranked spots and the argument that the European Tour is becoming just as strong as the PGA Tour.  To the first point, yes the Euros are 100% playing better golf than the Americans this year so far.  If Donald continues to dominate this weekend does that settle the argument that the PGA Tour is stronger?  Probably not, but it definitely makes me wonder.

Either way, I am excited at the prospect of Donald taking over the top spot in the world rankings for two reasons.  #1 I like the idea of the top player being a PGA Tour member and #2 he is a Chicago guy and I have to support the Chicago athletes!

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