Back on the Course

I finally made it back out on to the course yesterday for my first 18 holes since coming back from my golf trip.  Man, taking just one week off makes a world of a difference.  I wrote about how clean I was hitting the ball after playing four rounds in one week and practicing on all of the other days off.  Well, it was the complete opposite after taking a week off.

I had a two-way miss going on with my irons and never felt very comfortable over the ball.  I didn’t expect to play my best round, but I didn’t expect to lose as much feel and confidence as I did in such a short period of time.  I guess I need to hit it hard the next few weeks if I am going to hit my handicap goal for the summer.  Plus I am now playing in my first friendly major in late July in San Diego.  I am currently giving my buddy 7 shots per 18 based on our handicaps so I need to lock it up much more than I did this weekend.

The only encouraging thing about the day was my chipping, driving and putting.  All three were pretty good by my standards and didn’t lose me any significant shots.  The other plus side is that Chicago is finally providing some nice weather to help my practice schedule!  Let’s hope it lasts.

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