Write Down Your Pre-Round Goals

At the beginning of the season I focused a lot of effort on my mental approach to my game and for some reason I have strayed away from it of late and it has been showing.

Earlier in the season I put a strong emphasis on setting the proper mental goals before each round.  Those goals were along the lines of: Pick good targets, Hit aggressive chips, Commit to each shot and Roll every putt with confidence.  When I focus on these positive and attainable goals in my round I enjoy golf more and I tend to play better.

This past weekend I didn’t think about these goals at all and just went out and played with some of my buddies.  I wasn’t thinking about targets, simple swing cues or committing to my shots and I played awful.  I know how important this pre-round mental preparation is for me in terms of taking the rest of this summer seriously and dropping my handicap to single digits.  Every round from here on out is going to start with me writing down my goals in a note pad.  If anything else this will force me to think about them before I tee off.  It will also allow me to mark my progress on where I am doing well with my mental game and where I am struggling.

If you have goals for your round that is great and it can be very beneficial, but I suggest you try playing a few rounds with a pre-round routine of taking a few minutes prior to tee off and writing down your mental goals for the round.  See if you can stick to them no matter how complex or simple they are.  I know for me, I tend to hit a bit of a wall in every round where I either rebound after a bad hole or two or the wheels come off.  When the wheels come off I know it is because I lost my focus and didn’t stick to my game plan.  By writing down your goals and having them visible it is easy to check in on them and get yourself back on track.  This is just my opinion, but it helps me out on the course and I would suggest it to any golfer who is serious about playing better golf.

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