Weekend Struggles

I went out and played on Sunday morning to try out a few things tweaks I have been making to my swing and it did not go according to plan.  I didn’t play well, continued to fight a two-way miss and have lost confidence in the progress I have made thus far this summer.

I know the root of my inconsistent play lies with my inability to play and practice during the week.  I made the most significant strides in my game this summer after I spent 7 straight days in Kiawah and hit balls 5 out of those 7 days.  Since returning from Kiawah I have been to the range once and played three times.  Quite a difference in practice regiment to say the least.  I know that is my problem, but am really struggling to rectify it.

If I am serious about hitting my goals for this summer I need to re-focus my practice efforts and start taking the progress I make out to the course.  I feel like I am at the point in this effort where I need the fire to be re-ignited.  Hopefully I can find something to get me going again.


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