Balance, Balance, Balance and no a Bracelet isn’t the Answer

A while back when I was first getting serious about golf Tiger Woods was still writing for Golf Digest and he wrote an article about balance that I dug up and still find incredibly valuable.  I was inspired to dig this article up after watching the Champion’s Tour Learning Center last night on the Golf Channel.  Curtis Strange talked about how he thinks about his weight distribution during his swing and although it was a different approach to the same result it reminded me of the article.

Tiger’s article is a great read and you can check it out HERE.  Curtis Strange was making a point in his learning piece about how amateurs tend to sway their weight through the swing to the outside of their feet.  I thought back to my recent rounds and practice sessions and he was right, most of my weight was on the outside of my feet throughout the back swing and the down swing.  After hearing his tip to try to keep the weight on the inside of your feet I went back and read Tiger’s article about staying grounded for good iron play.  Although the two examples take slightly different approaches they are pointing to the same problem for most amateurs, including myself.

It boils down to the point that I need to keep my feet a bit more grounded in order to produce more consistent shots.  This makes total sense to me looking back on my recent rounds and the fact that I have been fighting a two-way miss and have never felt very steady throughout my swing.  I am going to the range tonight and my only two swing thoughts are going to be steady feet (with weight on the inside) and release the club.  I am sure I will have more on this tomorrow after I get out and actually hit some balls.


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