Rick Reilly Back Pedals Into Rory’s Corner

At the beginning of the U.S. Open Rick Reilly put out a video on ESPN.com talking about how the throne of golf is currently vacant and the only person suited to take the throne back is Tiger Woods himself.  I commented on this video that it was disappointing that more people aren’t embracing the young players in the game.  It seemed like everyone just liked Tiger and not Golf in general.

This week Reilly came out with another video.  You can watch Rick Reilly’s video HERE.  I suggest you take a look at it because Reilly has very quickly changed his tune from the game needs Tiger to Rory is a refreshing change from Tiger.  Wow, that was a quick turn around.  All Reilly could write about prior to the U.S. Open was how much the game needs Tiger and how no one will be the next Tiger and blah blah blah.  All it took was Rory’s U.S. Open win for Reilly to say he is ready to give the keys to the game of Golf over to Rory.

First off, the keys to Golf are not his to give away and I guarantee you we will all have to hear a piece from Reilly in the near future about Rory not quite being Tiger.  I will put my foot down right here and right now and say that if Rory doesn’t win the next Major Reilly will be back on the Tiger train.  Guaranteed.

In his first piece he talked about how it was too soon for Rory to take the throne.  In his second piece he was comparing him to Palmer, Nicklaus, Trevino, Snead, Hogan, Norman, etc.  Pump the brakes Rick.  The kid is good and yes he won an amazing U.S. Open this past week, but does that mean he is in the same category as those guys?  No, it doesn’t.  Will he be there one day?  Possibly.  Why not just give credit where credit is due and write a piece about how great of a championship it was like the later part of his piece and leave out the shock statements and comparisons?  Would that be too hard?  I don’t think so and would welcome the change in attitude and coverage of Golf as much as I am enjoying all the recognition Rory is getting for his U.S. Open win.


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