Will the Real American Golfers Please Stand Up?

This topic has been brewing for quite some time around the Golf media and I have a feeling that it is about to take center stage even further than it already has.  Of course we have all read about how dominate the Europeans have been this year.  International players are currently sitting in the top 4 spots in the world golf rankings and taking up 7 out of the top ten spots.

With Tiger out and Rory storming his way to his first Major Championship the golf scene has a strange feel to it in terms of who will win every week.  I have read a few articles proclaiming Europe as the dominating force in golf and that there aren’t a ton of American golfers ready to challenge the Euros.  I have to say that I disagree.  Yes, the Euros are playing better right now, but I would argue that the variability week by week on the tour has given players who have rarely or never won on Tour a new-found hope that they CAN win.  If you think Rickie Fowler wasn’t watching Rory at the U.S. Open saying “that could be me” then you are crazy.

The lack of a dominating player has given everyone hope that winning is possible.  Before it was Tiger vs everyone.  Now it is every man for themselves and players are proving that they can win out on Tour and in Majors without being a huge star like Woods.  I guarantee you that the young crop of U.S. players are licking their chops at a chance to compete against the star-studded Euros on tour and in majors.

One player, Nick Watney, finally stepped up and said he is sick of hearing that the Euros are better than the Americans, but did note that the only way to back it up is by winning and that they have been doing that more often than the American players.  I honestly think that the fire is going to be lit under a lot of unexpected players on Tour and not just the Americans.  Golf has become somewhat normal again.  For the past decade Tiger has dominated in a way we have never been seen before.  The lack of that dominating force is going to open the door for a lot of players to grab the spotlight, a few big wins and a lot of money.

As much as the Euros are dominating at the moment I suspect that the likes of Bubba, Mahan, Fowler, Kuchar and a few younger players who have serious game will make a push later in this season or next season to balance the world of golf a bit more.  There are a few seriously talented players who came up from the nationwide tour who haven’t made a splash yet this year.  Don’t forget about guys like Gainey, Knost and Lovemark.  They all have the ability to make a move into the serious American contenders at some point.  Either way Golf is exciting again.


2 Comments to “Will the Real American Golfers Please Stand Up?”

  1. I honestly believe that this recent rash of European dominance is nothing more than random chance. American players will have a good run of their own, who knows when. The media believe everything has a simple explanation. Ryan Moore could have just has easily won yesterday if he didn’t have a mudball on 17 and had made his little four footer on the last and you’d be hearing about how the U.S. is back. There is never any consideration given to plain old luck in my opinion. Guess it’s not that interesting to talk about but that’s the reality of all sports, especially one where the ‘rub of the green’ plays such a big role.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Moore very easily could have won on Sunday and he would have been thrown into the “America’s next great hope?” conversation. I think the end of this year and next are going to be very interesting. A lot of people have already said the Euros will dominate the Ryder Cup in 2012 but I think it will be a very memorable Ryder Cup. The Americans will put up a fight no doubt.

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