Commitment to a 3/4 Swing

A while back I wrote about how I was going to try to choke down and try to hit 3/4 shots with one more club than normal to try to see if I could gain some added control on my iron shots.  What I found was that the choke down and 3/4 shot doesn’t always apply out on the course and is a bit to single-minded of a strategy for a full round of golf.

What I have found is that telling myself, “I am going to hit a 3/4 shot” really doesn’t shorten up my back swing drastically.  It does shorten up my back swing but not to the point I am losing a ton of distance.  Just by telling myself to try to hit a 3/4 shot my back swing has become more compact and I have seen straighter shots.  I am not laying the club off or coming over the top in the back swing as much which has let me get the club into a much better position at contact.

Am I actually hitting a 3/4 shot?  Probably not, but by telling myself I am I subconsciously take a slightly shorter backswing.  As simple as this sounds it has taken me a long time to realize it and actually put it into practice.  Most of the time my mind tells me to smash the ball and swing quicker to get a decent amount of club head speed.  Obviously, that hasn’t been working for me so I have committed to taking a new approach.  I have seen much cleaner contact as well as straighter shots.  It is by no means a quick fix to all the problems of my game, but it has helped and I am going to continue to use it as a strategy out on the course.

2 Comments to “Commitment to a 3/4 Swing”

  1. Would love to see a video of your swing sometime. For a lot of people the shorter backswing helps because they’re arms were swinging too much in relation to their turn. Compared to the pros most amateurs don’t turn their shoulders nearly as much but swing their arms more. If you have trouble playing in a jacket it could point to an excessive arm swing.

    • I have a post with a video of the swing in the works. It really comes down to shoulder turn back and through for me. I hit a pull hook when I cast my arms out and release the club too early. It is all about controlling that motion for me. I think that transition drill you posted would be a great one for me.

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