My Aha! Moment

I am happy to report that I had an absolute Aha moment last night at the driving range.  It was one of those moments that resembles the first time you flushed a shot or made your first par.  I was completely enamored and engulfed in hitting shot after shot.  I stayed at the range hitting shots until well after 10pm just because I couldn’t get enough of seeing the ball fly straight at the flag from pretty much all distances.  The same goes for the driver.  Nothing is more fun than absolutely crushing a drive straight down the fairway.  I couldn’t get enough and am still excited about the progress.  My next round can’t come quick enough.

The progress comes from one simple change to my take away that has let me swing much more freely on both the backswing and the down swing.  This latest “tweak” comes after reading the article about Adam Scott’s swing on  Scott talked about how he was working with his coach to try to keep the club head outside his hands on his take away to try to get him in a good position at the top of the swing and allow him to return the club to a good position down through impact.  Scott said he was doing this to remedy his old miss of a big hook.  Well, that is what I tend to hit so I gave it a shot.

It was amazing how big of a difference this made in my swing immediately.  I wasn’t thinking about where the club head was at the top of the back swing because I knew if my take away was good it would take care of itself.  This also allowed me to have a much more fluid swing down through the ball.  I wasn’t worried about snap hooking a ball way left because I knew I was attacking the ball on plane and with a square club face.  If anything, I missed a few shots slightly to the right.  The common result was a bomb down the middle with a 3 to 5 yard draw.  Absolutely perfect and the best part was that it felt natural.  I didn’t feel constricted one bit.

The trick now is to take this progress to the course, but I feel more confident about hitting my summer goals now than I have all year.  I feel like I just got a second wind and am ready to start making serious progress.  Recently I have not been able to practice a lot and have only been playing about 1 to 2 times a week.  It was becoming very easy to get down on my game and my goals with so little practice.  Last night’s range session gave me a huge jolt to get my act together and start playing more.  Like I said before, my next round can’t come soon enough.  Maybe tomorrow AM before work for a quick 9!

3 Comments to “My Aha! Moment”

  1. Congrats man. Now get on the course and make the magic happen!

  2. Good luck on your quest to break 80. Great blog posts too, keep ’em coming!

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