Are People Serious With all the Bubba Criticism?

I was not planning on commenting on Bubba and his departure from the European Tour event in France.  The reason I wasn’t going to comment is because I don’t think it is that big of a deal.  I don’t think it is really a story at all.  It is so typical for golf writers to blow this out of proportion just like they do with every single story about Tiger.  Are golf writers that bored that they have to take Bubba’s comments about his experience playing in France and turn it into a smear story?  Seriously take a minute and read his comments.  Literally read through the comments and not the commentary by golf writers and see for yourself what he actually said.

I have read his comments and he spoke his mind about feeling uncomfortable being on the tee with hundreds of fans snapping pictures and taking video of him.  He is not used to that at all because fans aren’t allowed to bring phones or electronic devices into PGA Tour events.  Does anyone seriously blame him for feeling uncomfortable?  I would be frustrated too if every time I went to hit a shot there were hundreds of cameras going off.  Bubba simply said that he felt uncomfortable and he wasn’t used to that.  No big deal.

Also, has a story about this whole thing on their website and they have it titled, “Watson Insults French” and right next to it another story titled, “Blames Fans”.  I’m sorry, but are you kidding me  That is irresponsible reporting in my opinion.  Bubba never blamed the fans for anything and didn’t even make excuses for why he played poorly in the tournament.  He simply said he felt uncomfortable.  Isn’t this the same guy that dubbed the new potential face of American golf?  How quickly they are changing their tune.  I don’t think I have seen a more irresponsible article title all year.  Talk about absolutely dragging a guy’s name through the mud just to get a few clicks on an article.  Absolutely disgusting.  Bubba has been praised all year for his change in attitude and behavior, but it looks like the golf media misses the old Bubba so much they are fabricating his return.

Next, the article takes a stab at Bubba for taking a $200k+ appearance fee to play in the tournament but wasn’t friendly with fans.  Bubba gives away a ton of his winnings from his tournaments and even sometimes anonymously so what does that have to do with this?  If he felt uncomfortable playing in front of fans that weren’t respecting the rules of the tournament why should he have to pretend everything is good?  He isn’t over there to high-five everyone and be happy-go-lucky.  He is over there to play golf.  I don’t blame him for acting the way he did if the tournament goers didn’t respect the rules of the tournament.  I would be more upset if Bubba went over there and took the appearance fee and didn’t take the golf seriously and just goofed off with fans.  He did the opposite.  He went over there and wanted to play well and got frustrated when the tournament rules weren’t enforced and affected his play.

This smear campaign against Bubba makes me sick.

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