Americans Heating Up for the British Open?

There are two main reasons I am not going to jump the gun and say that American golf is back on track after Watney’s win this weekend.  The first has to do with the fact that the field this week at the AT&T can hardly be considered an internationally heavy field.  Most of the world’s top golfers weren’t even playing.  The second reason I am not going to get too excited is because the young American golfers like Watney have yet to prove themselves on the big stage at a major.

Seeing a bunch of young American players play well this weekend was exciting though.  I am not going to deny that part of me was getting fired up to see American players all over the leader board.  It doesn’t matter to me if American’s are winning or not, but I love the competitive story line it breads.  Nothing gets people more interested in golf tournaments like a foreign player winning a major championship, and that goes for an American winning the British Open as well.

All of this America vs. Europe talk is only going to escalate leading up to the next Ryder Cup and it gets me so fired up that it is going to be played here in America.  If we want to stand a chance we need guys like Watney, Overton and Fowler to get hot at the right time.  It sounds like they are starting to get more comfortable when they are in contention than they have been in the past.  As we saw last year there is no bigger pressure spot in golf than the Ryder Cup.  The more experience these young guys get in pressure situations the better.

Quite frankly, I don’t really care if they win a ton of tournaments leading up to the Ryder Cup.  If they don’t win a bunch I can see it fueling their fire even more to prove that they can stack up against the Euros.  As much as I love the fact that golf is incredibly internationally these days I still love the American golf story line.  I think the British Open will be a very interesting tournament this year.  It is probably the hardest major every year to predict a winner just because you never know who will adjust to the conditions and step up their game.  If an American golfer goes over there and wins what will the international golf conversation shift to?  It will spice things up to say the least.


4 Comments to “Americans Heating Up for the British Open?”

  1. I too am excited to see the young Americans competing on the big stage. With the preponderance of good young players, it seems we are far removed from the days of Tiger, Phil, and Ernie. So who do you like for the British Open? I’m thinking either Rory, Gmac, or Sergio. Westwood clearly has the title of BPTNHWAM and he needs to break through soon.

  2. I’m a big USA fan myself. Just part of being a military kid I guess. I have to disagree that “Nothing gets people more interested in golf tournaments like a foreign player winning a major championship” unless you mean outside the U.S. Most American viewers would like to see a top ranked familiar face duel with another top ranked familiar face, and ideally one is either Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. This mindset will need to adapt as both guys are on the shelf with major physical issues – Phil has arthritis for Christ’s sake- these dudes are old and beat up.

    • Maybe I worded it poorly, but the point I was making was that if a foreign player is contending for the Masters or the U.S. Open and an American is close to the lead people start rallying behind that American vs. Foreign player rivalry. Same thing goes for American players who play well at the British. People feed off of that national pride when it comes to the table at Majors.

  3. OK I’ll agree with you on that point. The Ryder Cup is by far my favorite golf event to watch for this reason.

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