Keys from my Practice Journal

There are a few key things I have identified as keys to success recently in my practice sessions.  I define success in golf not by score but by my ability to repeat my swing.  Some days are better than others, but as long as I am able to repeat my swing consistently I know that I will be able to limit my misses as much as possible.

Recently I have been falling off the wagon with my positive thought process.  Just last night I got back on a bit and the results showed.  I was getting in a funk and letting negative thoughts enter my head during my swing.  By re-committing myself to positive swing thoughts I was able to let go of the fear that accompanies poor results.  It is never fun to hit bad shots, but if all you are thinking about is bad shots you will probably continue to hit bad shots.  It boils down to visualization for me.  The ball isn’t always going to end up exactly where I want it to, but if I visualize my aim and trajectory the misses become much smaller.

The second key I was working on was keeping my right elbow into my body more.  This obviously restricts my backswing and works in conjunction with my commitment to using more of a 3/4 feeling swing.  I was not losing a ton of distance and the results were much straighter.  When I pair this with a mental thought of a smooth “oily” 80%  down swing the results are much better and the swing is effortless.  My balance on the follow through is much better and I don’t feel out of whack at any time in my swing.

I have always found it hard not to swing hard at the golf ball, but a restricted backswing, a lighter grip and a smoother down swing are the keys for me going forward.  They allow me to produce a controlled swing that I am able to repeat.  If I can’t get my swing to repeat there is no way I will break 80.  I am still in the process of feeling more comfortable with the changes, but I am committed to them and know deep down this is the best thing for my game.


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