Top 5 Expectations for the Open

Here are the Top 5 things I expect to see tomorrow at the Open Championship.

1) I expect to see pretty much every writer, broadcaster and player talking about the wind.  We get it.  It is the Open Championship and it is windy let’s all move on and talk about something else.  The only thing more annoying than hearing about the poor conditions at the Open Championship year in and year out is hearing about how American players are trying the local cuisine and how they like it.  I really don’t care if Bubba Watson tried the haggis or not.

2) A lot of scores around or above par.  I think the first two days of the tournament aren’t going to see really low scores.  Anyone who hovers around Par for the first two days will have a shot to make a move on the weekend for a win.

3) A lot of the top European players in the mix.  I fully expect to see McIlroy, Westwood and Donald all in the mix at this major.  Westwood and Donald both played great last week and will continue to do so this week.  I am interested to see how Rory does with all the expectation laying on his shoulders, but I expect his pure talent to keep him in the mix.  I think these guys are really going to fuel the tournament heading into Sunday and I hope I am right on this one.  It would be great to see top players battle it out for a major.

4) A dark horse to be leading or near the top of the leader board.  I fully expect to see a dark horse player right up on the leader board during the first two days.  My pick for this guy is Steve Marino, but I think we could see anyone from Charles Howell III to Tom Lehman up there competing.  The Open Championship is great because of the links style of play.  The course allows for a lot of chance to come into play.  Bad and good bounces happen all the time and often times gets a guy higher on the leader board than he has ever been.  I think we are going to see this, but don’t necessarily think they will stick around through the weekend.  I just don’t see another Oousthuizen situation happening again this year.

5) An American to seriously compete for the Championship.  I expect to see Stricker, Bubba, Rickie, Marino or Watney seriously compete for the Claret Jug.  I don’t think the Euros are going to be able to dominate the tourney without a little bit of resistance from the good old USA.  I hope one of these guys takes a serious run at the tournament because it would be amazing to see any of them win a Major.  Either way, I am looking forward to seeing how everything plays out over the weekend.


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