Westwood and the Stocktons

I think it is interesting that Lee Westwood finally starting working with the Stocktons on his putting.  This to me is such a logical match it isn’t even funny.  Westwood has always been very mechanical in his putting and has struggled with shorter and relatively “easier” putts in his career.  He isn’t a bad putter by any means, but you can see that he takes a long time over the ball, especially on shorter putts.

I get the feeling that he over thinks the shorter ones and has a hesitation before getting the ball rolling.  The Stocktons are hands down the best at getting players into their comfort zone in terms of putting.  Stockton Sr. doesn’t even want most players to take practice strokes.  He tries to get guys to visualize the putt and then simply get up to the ball and knock it in.  There is something to be said for this tactic.  Look at Brandt Snedeker or Steve Marino on the greens.  They look like they are playing golf and not overly concerned with missing shots.  It looks like they 100% expect every putt to go in the hole.  Can you imagine Lee Westwood with that kind of confidence?  He could be scary good.

The biggest thing that this match between the Stocktons and Westwood tells me is that Lee really wants to win.  Look at the client list of the Stocktons: Phil, Kuchar & Rory to name three.  Westwood is in the top-tier of golfers, but he wants to get better and he is actively looking for help to work on a weakness in his game.  I am going to have a hard time betting against a guy like that.  I have always liked Westwood for his play and his demeanor, especially in defeat, but any time an elite player tells themselves they can get better it is a recipe for success.

Even players like Jordan & Kobe were constantly working on their games and shooting countless jumpers, free throws or three pointers because they wanted to win deep down to their very bones.  I get the feeling Westwood is finally saying “enough is enough, I am going to win a major.”  Obviously, time will tell how this relationship will pan out, but I think he is a strong pick to win the PGA in a few weeks.

3 Comments to “Westwood and the Stocktons”

  1. Agreed. You see Westwood just added Bob Rotella to his camp? Looks like his falling in behind McIlroy and Clarke in every aspect.

  2. Looks like Rory has a shot, Westwood is a little too far back and Clarke tied one on after The Open and is still recovering.

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