Watch out for the Euro Players this Week

I know Tiger is “back” this week, but all that means is that he is back in the field.  Just because he is teeing it up doesn’t mean he is officially back.  I am not sure the old Tiger will ever really be back to be honest.  Until he starts dominating again, I consider him a normal tour player out there.  You can like him or love him, but I for one am happy he is playing again.  I’m not the biggest fan, but he is special and there is no denying it.

The two guys I would really keep my eye on this weekend are Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy.  These two guys have added motivation to play well and potentially win this week, but for very different reasons.  Young Rory had his unfortunate Twitter battle with Jay A Townsend this past week and has been in the media in a negative lite.  He didn’t play well in the British Open and admitted he likes the style of play in the U.S. much more.  Well it doesn’t get much more U.S. than Ohio and he has played well here before.  He will also have some added motivation with Tiger back in the field.  It is his first real chance to out play Tiger since he won the U.S. Open and validate all his hype.  It may seem sill to think that way, but believe me all the golf commentators will be talking about it come weekend time.  If the thunderstorms stay away I think Rory is going to perform very well this week.

Westwood has motivation to win the week for a very different reason.  He flat-out wants to win.  He took some time to get out of his comfort zone and go see Bob Rotella and Dave Stockton.  Westwood has openly said he doesn’t like or believe in sports psychologists in the past.  For him to take a step back and admit he needs a little bit more help is the sign of a person who truly wants to get better and wants to win.  He has seemed too “oh well, my time will come” in the past and this move tells me he is taking the situation by the horns and doing what he needs to do in order to win.

This week’s field is packed with good players, but I am really looking to these two guys to make a run at the Bridgestone!  Welcome back to the new world of Golf Tiger!


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