A Major Major Next Week

I know everyone is talking about Steve Williams/Adam Scott and Tiger from this weekend’s tournament, but I took something completely different away after checking the full leader board this morning.  Did Adam Scott play great this weekend and deserve to win?  Yes he did, but I don’t think it was because of Steve Williams.  Scott has been a player who has won sporadically throughout his entire career.  I don’t think this means he is going to become a dominating force on tour.  As much as I like the guy I don’t see it happening.  He is a bit like Sergio in the sense that he tends to get complacent and run off with models rather than practice when things are going well.

The real thing that caught my eye were the names in the top ten after the tournament was over on Sunday.  If you didn’t look at the full leader board let me point out a few key names.  Luke Donald (T2), Jason Day (T4), Rory McIlroy (T6), Lee Westwood (T9).  I think these four guys have beyond a legitimate chance to win next week at the PGA.  They all have something to play for in terms of validation.  Donald is still without a Major in his career even though he holds the #1 spot in the world rankings.  Day has finished runner-up in two majors this year and you know he is itching to notch a Major victory.  He is an absolute grinder and a guy you can never count out.  Rory has some validating to do after his epic U.S. Open win and the hot Atlanta weather will be the extreme opposite of the British Open style play he so openly talked about hating.  He had flashes of brilliance last week, but you could sense the frustration that he wasn’t playing up to his expectations.  I am expecting him to kick it up a notch.  Westwood is the guy I would watch the most next week.  His new pairing with the Stockton’s and Dr. Rotella seemed to make a few strides last week and I don’t think there is a player in the world right now who wants to win a major more than Westwood.  It could be the perfect storm for him next week.

I don’t think Tiger will contend simply because he isn’t trusting his swing changes.  He says he gets back into his old habits and doesn’t trust where the ball is going.  There is no way he can win a major doubting his swing.  That is pretty cut and dry.  Even if Tiger doesn’t contend I think next weeks Major will be a defining moment in one of the before mentioned players careers.  As much as I want to see an American win at least one of the Majors this year, I wouldn’t mind seeing Westwood or Donald raise the trophy this weekend.


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