Just Another Tournament this Week???

I just finished reading the article “Lee Westwood and Luke Donald try mind games to get over ‘major’ hump” by Paul Mahoney on Golf.com.  At first I was I couldn’t disagree with the approach these two are taking towards this major by treating it just like any other tournament.  How can they say that?  It is a Major!  A defining tournament in any players career!  This is a tournament that they should be ultra focused for and ready to kick butt in.

Then I thought about it for a few minutes.  What have I been telling myself out on the course all summer?  I have been trying to take the pressure off of shots by hitting and reacting to the result regardless of the pressure.  This is exactly the same thing that these two are trying to do at the PGA.  It makes perfect sense to me that they should treat this as they would any other tournament and go out and play their normal game.

They have both been successful in the past and there is no reason they can’t win this week.  Maybe this is the change they both need to get that first major off their back.  I admit my initial hesitation, but I think this is a fantastic approach to getting some of the pressure off of a player and allowing them to play their game.  If anything it is them saying that they are confident that their game alone can get them into the winner’s circle on Sunday and they don’t need to put any added pressure on themselves to elevate their games.  They are already there, now they just have to execute.

Westwood is my pick this week, and I am pumped he is taking this approach.  Here we go Lee!

2 Comments to “Just Another Tournament this Week???”

  1. The approach is classic Rotella. Rely on the preshot routine, approach as if the outcome doesn’t matter, execute, accept the result. The only hesitation I have about Westwood is the association with Stockton. Call me crazy because Stockton is THE putting guru as of late but I just finished his putting book and found it very mechanical and rather at odds with the approach that Rotella takes in his putting book, which is basically to just trust your stroke. Will the two work against each other or compliment? Watch Westwood on the greens for an early indicator.

    For some reason, I’m sensing an American wins this week; let’s get it on!

  2. Love this idea of putting yourself in the moment. No matter where you are, all you’re doing is hitting a golf shot. If a player can blank out all the distractions then it’s much easier to play the game because the mind isn’t occupied with something that hasn’t happened yet.

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