Short Game Help from my Ball

Earlier this season I wrote a post about how I found a great new ball to play on my first attempt at playing a new ball and I was settled on that ball.  My original plan was to test out a ton of balls and write reviews on them all and in turn find myself a good match for the season.  I quickly threw this out the window because I tested out the Bridgestone e6 and fell in love with it.

The Bridgestone e6 was great off the tee and it really did help me with my ball control with my irons.  As advertised, the ball doesn’t have as much side spin on it so my misses were much less drastic.  This was great for me and my game at the beginning of the year, but I am at the point where I need to improve my short game drastically if I want to reach my summer goals.

This led me to look back at my short game stats and my approach to hitting chip shots.  I came to the conclusion that I was being much too cute around the greens by using a lob wedge or sand wedge to try to fly the ball to the hole.  This was constantly leaving me short or long of the hole and costing me strokes.  This realization made me start pulling out my 9 Iron around the green and low and behold I started hitting the ball closer to the hole and making more putts.  What a concept.

The next step was to re-evaluate the ball I am using.  This weekend I went out to practice and brought a few sleeves of the Bridgestone e6’s and a few sleeves of Taylormade Penta TP balls.  I hit a bunch of shots around the green including 9 Iron bump and run shots, 56 degree chips, 60 degree flogs etc.  It was beyond clear that the Taylormade balls were far superior around the greens.  I have yet to play a round with them to see how they do with full shots, but I assume they will be fine.

I used to think I wasn’t good enough to play high-end balls because #1 I hated losing them and #2 I didn’t think I was good enough to utilize the spin they create around the greens.  I am pretty sure I was wrong about #2, but I still hate losing them on the course.  It was definitely a moment where I realized I need to take a closer look at the ball I am using and find one that will really help my game.  I would love to do a ball fitting, but I kind of enjoy the plug and play process of trying out new balls and seeing what works.  It makes each round exciting.

I will continue to report back on different balls I try out.  Any suggestions on what I should try next?


One Comment to “Short Game Help from my Ball”

  1. Definitely play the high spin balls for better short game performance. Cost is an issue so I bought 3 doz recycled Pro V1s from Amazon and they are great. Excellent condition and about a third have logos, if you don’t mind those. Specifically:

    Good luck, Brian

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