Am I Ready for Club Fitting?

So a new golf store went in a few months ago in downtown Chicago and I haven’t been able to check it out until today.  It is called Club Champion and I was not sure what to expect when I walked in, but let me tell you I was surprised.  This place is like golf paradise.

They do custom fitting for your wedges, irons, drivers, putters or all of the above if you want.  Of course the fitting costs money, but there is no obligation to buy from them at the end.  They don’t just slap a piece of tape on the bottom of your club and say “Ya that looks about right”, they actually bend the club right there in front of you to make sure your lie angle is perfect.  Not only that, but they will interchange different shafts onto any iron head or driver you want in order to get the best fit.

I was seriously floored by how custom the process was.  I am going to set up a fitting soon, hopefully this week and see what they say about my current clubs and what I should be playing.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, I am guessing I will end up dropping some money on a new set of clubs this week.  I have never gone through a proper club fitting and this process seems too good to pass up.  It looked like a loft office made for tour pros coming through Chicago.

Stay tuned.  I wonder if they will let me video the fitting?  We will see.


2 Comments to “Am I Ready for Club Fitting?”

  1. Once any golfer gets to the point where their “stock” swing is repeatable, they should be custom fit. The fit of the clubs can control so much of the shots, both good and bad. Loft, lie, length, shaft type and flex, all play important parts in shot.

    It can go beyond that even, to the setup of the head itself, with the off-set and the grind (how the face is shaped, the sharpness of the leading edge, bounce angle, etc.)

    The proper setup on your clubs can actually be worth 2 shots a round to the advanced player, and I seen it be as much a 6-10 shots for a 35 handicap.

    I suggest looking at the Scratch Golf website and find the type of grind you should be playing, and see if the fitter will agree.

  2. I hope you get good results from your fitting at this store. But you should know that TRUE fitting is way more than being able to adjust lie angles and swapping some shafts. True fitting includes initial interview to find out what your needs are and what your misses are, true fitting includes finding right shaft flex and flex profile and shaft weight, swingweight/MOI of club, club length, clubhead, type of grip to optimize performance. All the best. Tony Wright Game Improvement Golf

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