The Season’s First Friendly Major Has Arrived

Every summer I play a “friendly” major against my good friend Trevor.  Our version of a “major” consists of three rounds in a location other than Chicago and the lowest score over the three days wins.  We use stroke play with handicaps, but the catch is that the loser has to buy the winner a brand new golf shirt from the marquee course we played at.  The score right now is 1 -1 between my buddy and myself.

As of this morning our tickets are purchased and our rounds are booked out in San Diego.  I grew up in San Diego so this is 100% a home game for me.  We have done this twice before, once in Cape Cod and once in San Diego.  The last time we went out to SD for a golf trip I ended up losing and having to buy my buddy an expensive and obnoxious Nike golf shirt from Torrey Pines.  Needless to say, I was not very happy about having to pony up and buy him a shirt on my home turf.  It was great motivation to hit the range hard in preparation for our next major.  The next trip we took was to Cape Cod and I brought home the bacon to even things up at 1 -1.  I wear my Cape Cod national shirt with immense pride whenever I can!

I feel like I have made a good amount of progress this summer although I have yet to break 80 and I have not dropped my handicap as much as I wanted to.  I finally feel as though I have started to gain some serious consistency in my game and more importantly in the areas of my game that have been problematic in the past.  My biggest improvements, this summer, have been around my short game and my putting which have always plagued my scores.  I am going into this friendly major with more confidence in my game than I have ever had.  I might try to squeeze in a club fitting before the trip to see if it helps my game even more, but am not set on that 100% yet.

There is still a decent amount of time left in summer, but this upcoming trip is a big deal between my buddy and I and it will mean bragging rights through the entire winter out here in Chicago.  I don’t know if I can stomach another lose.  This trip might be the extra fire I need to get out to the range more and work on my game even more.  I still think I can reach the majority of my goals for the summer, but the window is closing fast.  Wish me luck!


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