Practice Keys for Tomorrow

I am going to head out to the course tomorrow for some much needed practice and I wanted to share what I have been working on.  First off, I have started to keep a practice journal with me in my golf bag and it has been a huge help.  I keep a small moleskin notepad in my bad and write down all of the things I worked on during my practice sessions and if they worked or not, both good and bad make it in there.  I also write down a few keys or good swing thoughts prior to each round I play.  After the round I will make small notes if they helped or not and then what I need to work on next time I go practice.

Tomorrow when I go out to practice I will be working on my full swing with mid irons, my driver and woods.  I feel great about the improvements I have made with my short game and putting recently since it is pretty much all I have worked on.  I really want to get back to working on my full swing and narrow down some of my misses.  Two of my big problem areas both happen in my back swing.  My front left leg bows in under my body way too much on my back swing and gets me all out of whack.  The next thing I do is I bend my left arm when I take the club too far back and I lose a lot of the connection to my body which leads to a poor swing.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on keeping my front foot quiet and keeping my back swing nice and compact.  It is a weird feeling having to swing at 80% because it really feels like I am swinging at 60% in order to take the club back to a point where I don’t break down with my arm and leg.  I am trying to work on a lot of this with stretching and exercise, but I also need to get comfortable with a shorter swing in order to repeat it out on the course.

The next thing I will be working on is hitting down on the ball.  When I try to shorten my swing it makes me either over swing or swing too smoothly and it has become very frustrating.  I found that if I really focus on bringing the butt end of the club down to the ball on my downswing I can be more aggressive with the swing and still hit the ball relatively straight.  It is really a matter of hammering these keys into my brain at this point.  I feel like my swing is at a point where I need to start hammering in some of the progress I have made with solid practice and tinker a bit less with it.

I will report back on how the practice goes.  I don’t have plans to actually play this weekend, but hopefully next week I will get out twice to make up for it.  I am due for a good score out here in Chicago and I could use the confidence boost heading into my golf outing in San Diego!

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