Bad Practice to Light the Fire

This weekend I went out and practiced on Saturday morning as well as Sunday afternoon and I have to be honest that both days weren’t great.  Not much about my swing felt very good.  Something wasn’t clicking for me this weekend, but it wasn’t all negative.  The fact that I had such disappointing days on the range makes me want to get back out there ASAP.  I have been sitting here all day thinking about my swing and how I can fix certain things.  I feel like I did at the beginning of summer when I decided to try to break 80 and drop my handicap to single digits.  It may seem weird, but having those bad days has made me want to practice more just so I don’t have them as often.

Although having two bad practice days in a row is discouraging, I think there is a positive to take out away from it.  I have that fire back and I am determined to fix my swing over the next week and erase whatever it was that happened out on the range.  All is not lost and I am confident that I will put up a decent score this weekend when I go play.  The beauty of the situation is that I have 6 days until my next round of golf where I can go practice and make myself better.  Will I hit balls all 6 days?  Probably not, but I will be out working on my driver and irons as much as I can.  There is no way I am going into my San Diego trip with anything less than full confidence I can win against my buddy.  No chance I am losing this one.

The other positive I took away from the bad practice was that I realized what happens when I force things on the range.  I was getting frustrated with the results and falling back on bad habits that I am comfortable with.  I have made great changes to my swing over the past few years and I need to trust those changes if they are going to work for me.  I have to let them do their job.  When I start forcing things, I over swing, I get out of balance and I don’t hit good shots.  Deep breaths and a commitment to my swing is what will help me avoid this in the future.  Hopefully this weeks practice will yield better results.  I am confident it will.

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