Will Everyone Lay Off the FedEx Cup Already?

I keep reading articles, tweets and posts from people who don’t like the FedEx Cup as a playoff system for Golf.  I have heard a wide range of reasons people don’t like the format and how they would change it ranging from a match play format to a team event to the #1 seed at the end of the year gets to pick the course that the first tournament is played at.  Don’t hold your breath on any of these happening any time soon, especially the last one.

I don’t absolutely love the FedEx Cup system, but I also don’t hate it.  What is wrong with a season long race to get points (more points for bigger tournaments and stronger fields) and then a playoff system that narrows down the field to the top 30 players and the last tournament gives everyone a re-set on points and a fair chance to win the full $10 million?  I don’t really see how that is such a bad system.  We are also talking about an individual sport here.  People are complaining that it should be more like other team sports, but Golf is not a team sport.  Maybe it should be more like Tennis, but there are far more players in the field at a Golf tournament than at a Tennis tournament.  Golf tournaments already last all day in the current format, can you imagine how long it would take to do individual matches?  No chance.

Lastly, I don’t get why people are complaining about the FedEx cup to begin with.  In my mind it is nothing but a bonus.  Historically, Golf has had the regular season and the four Majors and that is it.  Golf already has the highly anticipated four Majors every year.  Football only has one Superbowl.  Baseball only has one World Series.  We get FOUR Majors every single Golf season.  That formula has worked for decades.  I understand that this is an attempt to grow the sport and I welcome that.  There is just no way winning the FedEx cup will ever top winning the Masters or the U.S. Open.  It just won’t happen and that is a fact.  Even the large $10 million dollar purse won’t carry as much weight as a green jacket.  Those are pieces of Golf history that can’t be topped by a paycheck.

My point is that the FedEx Cup might not be everyone’s “ideal” playoff system, but it is a playoff system nonetheless and we should be happy we get extra suspense added to the end of the PGA tour season.  In the past the last tournaments after the PGA haven’t been the biggest draw for the world’s top players and fans alike.  This system gives us a few more chances to see the best players before they head off into the sunset for the off-season.  I say full steam ahead with the FedEx cup and as improvements come along give them serious consideration.  They have already changed things about it in the past two seasons so they are obviously open to change.


One Comment to “Will Everyone Lay Off the FedEx Cup Already?”

  1. I’m with ya man. Let em tee it up and go after some serious cash. At least nobody’s claiming FedEx is something other than it is. . .like Olympic golf. Don’t get me started on that!

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