Casting my Club too Much

I have been trying to work hard on keeping my left arm straighter on my take away as well as keeping my take away wider and longer.  I sometimes take the club up too quickly which produces a steep swing and bad results.  As I have been working on this I have noticed that my down swing has become much more over the top and initially I couldn’t figure out why.  Everyone says that you should have a straight left arm and a nice wide take away so what was up with my swing?

It finally clicked with me that I was having this issue because my down swing was wider as well.  I haven’t been creating the lag I am used to.  My down swing was more of a sweeping action as opposed to an attacking motion.  I haven’t been compressing the ball very well and I have been hitting very inconsistent shots.  I think that my problem is an easy fix as long as I can get myself to think about the back swing as a wide sweep and the down swing as a compact attack.  I really need to get myself back to this if I want to get my game in good shape.

It is frustrating to struggle through this, but at the same time it is nice to figure out what is wrong and be able to try to fix it.  I am also bringing a flip camera out to the range tonight to try to capture a few of my swings for the first time.  I know I have to start looking at my swing on video much more if I am serious about fixing major flaws.  I have also been offered a few online lessons that I have not taken advantage of and plan to.  Hopefully this will be a good step forward and I will finally be able to share what my swing actually looks like.

2 Comments to “Casting my Club too Much”

  1. I think video will help you see what you’re actually doing and will allow some pros to give you feedback based on your actual move. Keeping the left arm very straight requires a lot of shoulder mobility which you may not have, so in trying to keep it straight you may be substituting a centered turn in favor of lifting your arms and letting your shoulders separate from your torso too much, like in a shrugging motion. With regard to the left arm what’s important is that it is extending through impact, and you don’t want the left elbow to bend too much but trying to keep it stiff usually causes a whole host of other problems in pursuit of a certain style in the swing. Lee Westwood’s left arm isn’t straight at all, he’s not a bad golfer.

    • I have taped my swing before, but not in a while. A lot of the time when I focus on keeping my left arm very straight the rest of my swing gets very tight. That is a good point about Westwood though. Hopefully I will get some good tips once I post a few swings up there.

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