Here is the Swing!

I finally took the time to video tape my swing the other night at the driving range and I wanted to share.  When I look at my swing the first thing that jumps out at me is the fact that I take the club too far back.  I know this is a problem I have, but I have yet to find a drill or swing thought that really helps me fix it.  In all of these swings I don’t feel like I am swinging 100% but it is clear that my backswing is going back too far.

The second thing I notice is that my take away seems to be too far outside of the ball.  I don’t know if this is really affecting my swing that much, but it looks funny to me.  All of these shots were actually good results, but it is clear I have flaws in my swing and I have room to improve in a bunch of areas.

I sent these same swings to the guys over at and am interested to see what they have to say about the swing.  Hopefully they don’t rip me apart too bad.  I will be posting their video lesson based on these swings as soon as I get it back from them.  If anyone else has comments or tips please feel free to send them my way.  I am all ears and  am eager to hear what people have to say.

Full Speed Swings

Slow Motion Swings


7 Responses to “Here is the Swing!”

  1. Here’s what I see from your slow mo DTL video. Your stance is a little closed with your right foot back from the line at address. You get excellent extension and look like you can harness a lot of power but may fight a hook. I say this because your backswing position looks good halfway back with the clubhead essentially even with your hands, but from there you get too flat and the clubhead ends up crossing the line at the top. This will create problems with an inconsistent ball flight pattern even when you hit it flush. Other than that your timing and tempo look real good, don’t mess with that. I’d try and tighten up that swing plane and position at the top with the following simple drill: lay two clubs on the ground and parallel and about a foot apart, 3 feet behind the ball down the line so they form a path from the ball to the target. At the top of your backswing, aim the butt end of your club between those lines. It’ll feel like you’re more upright and taking a 3/4 swing but will keep you from getting too flat and from crossing the line at the top. Then fire away. Good luck!.

    • Thanks Brian. I completely agree with you that the top of my backswing is a big problem in my swing. I didn’t notice the closed stance, but I do miss most shots to the left. I appreciate you sharing the drill and I will definitely try it out next time I get to the range.

      Hope all is well and thanks again for the comments.

  2. I should clarify, you appear closed at address with the driver but not the 6-iron. Just square that right toe up to the line a bit. Not a big issue but it will promote that inside flatter path you’re trying to fix.

  3. Hey Jon, Thanks for sharing the video. Nice swing! I noticed in the slo-mo that your club doesn’t get far until the very top of your where it looks like you suddenly cock your wrist. That’s a lot of movement in a split second. Just an observation you might want an expert’s opinion on that. (c:


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