Swing Review from FixYourGame.com

I sent my swing in to FixYourGame.com late last week and received feedback on my swing Saturday morning.  First off, I was surprised at how fast Brant Kasbohm sent me his review back.  I was expecting to get something back within a few days and most likely on a Monday or Tuesday.  I was not expecting to get something on Saturday morning which was a nice treat for the start of my weekend.

I will admit that I was a little bit skeptical about online golf lessons mainly because I wasn’t sure how much I could take away from a video lesson as opposed to an in person lesson.  I have taken lessons in person before and wasn’t sure how the online lesson would stack up.  I was actually pleasantly surprised with the video lesson.  Brant did a great job of explaining to me where he sees room for improvement in my golf swing.  I also like the fact that he pointed out a few things that I didn’t even notice.  I was aware that I tend to over swing and produce a “stacked” look at the top of my swing, but I never noticed that my right knee locks out and gets fully straight at the top of my swing.

I was also un-aware that my take away is largely with my hands and not with my shoulders and core at all.  This is huge in terms of helping me produce a better turn and get my weight transferred to my right side on the back swing.  I have always known that my swing struggles in the take away, but Brant was able to point out a few things I was completely un-aware of.  I watched his swing review a few times on Saturday and found myself swinging a club in my apartment trying to fix the things he pointed out.

I also love the fact that he sent along a few drills to help me with the problems in my swing.  It wasn’t just “Hey you stack at the top of your swing don’t do that.”  He gave me three videos he had previously shot that directly address the issues he brought up in his review.  Not only that, but he was very clear from the get go that if I have any questions or want further explanation of anything to send him an email and he would be happy to address it.  He has been very responsive every time I have emailed and that is not something I was expecting from this experience.

I get the feeling that the term “Online Lesson” is not considered very intimate and I admit I thought that at first, but I have had the opposite experience with FixYourGame.com.  I fully intend to work on a few of the things that Brant suggested and send him another video to see how I did in fixing those problems.  I would highly recommend using his services to anyone who is serious about getting better.  All I had to do was send him two swings and I got back a full swing review with great tips.  How easy is that?

For the full review you can check out my Swing Review page and feel free to contact Brant at FixYourGame.com, follow them on Twitter (@FixYourGamecom) and check out their Facebook page as well.

2 Responses to “Swing Review from FixYourGame.com”

  1. I agree, Brant does a good job with http://www.fixyourgame.com and I benefitted from my lesson with him as well. Online lessons are here to stay. What a great value for the dollar eh?


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