Update on my Golf Trip

I just got back from my weekend golf trip to San Diego and I must say it was a successful one.  My flight was cancelled on Thursday night due to the blackouts in Southern California.  I had to get re-booked on a 6am flight that didn’t get me in to San Diego until 10:30am the next morning.  Straight from the airport I had to go pick my friend up and run home to change in order to make our 1:30 tee time.  I had time for a quick bite to eat, a rinse in the shower and to unpack my clubs before we had to take off for the course.

We made out tee time, but were only able to hit about ten balls each on the practice range.  Obviously, this wasn’t an ideal warm up situation, but hey what can you do?  What happened next was a prime example of why I love golf.  I should have been all over the course coming off not much sleep and a stressful travel day, but the exact opposite happened.  I shot my best round to date with an 83.  I had two birdies, hit 71% of the fairways and 55% of the Greens in Regulation.  It was one of those rounds where everything was effortless.  If I had made just a few more putts I would have broken 80 for the first time in my life.

I found it incredibly humorous that my best round to date came after such hectic travel day and not from a round where I felt very rested and prepared.  Maybe there is something to be said for not over thinking the game.  Maybe the reason I played my best was because I didn’t expect to or I didn’t feel pressure to.  If I played poorly it would have made sense due to all the outside factors effecting me.  In a way, all of the outside factors allowed me to let go and push all of the normal pressure I feel to the side.  I’m not 100% sure this was the case, but it kind of feels that way.

After that round, I feel as though my game is right there on the verge of being really good and I also feel as though I made a big step mentally.  I shot a 42 on my front nine with a double and triple bogey.  Neither one of those scores phased me for some reason.  Ya it was frustrating, but I just kept chugging along and made my handful of pars and threw in a birdie on the par 5 9th after hitting the green in two!  How about that for a next shot mentality?

All in all, I have never felt this good about my game and I am ready to break 80 in the next few weeks.  I know it is going to happen, I just need to get out and play as much as I can before the winter gets here in Chicago.

3 Comments to “Update on my Golf Trip”

  1. Nice going. Was this stellar round included in your friendly major?

    • Unfortunately, our friendly major turned un-friendly due to a back injury to my buddy. While I was playing well he was up near the 120’s and hurting badly on the course. He didn’t make it through all of the rounds and I couldn’t bring myself to claim a win that way. Hopefully I get a rematch sometime soon.

  2. Ah too bad. It’s nice to play your best golf when you need to. Hope your buddy heals up soon.

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