Takeaways from BMW Driving Range

When I was out at the BMW Championship this weekend and I spent a large amount of my time there just sitting at the driving range and watching the players warm up and work with their coaches.  It was great to watch the pros out on the course, but watching them on the range was truly amazing.  The first thing I was surprised by was how many shorter shots they hit from around 75 to 100 yards.  The amount of time they spent hitting their scoring clubs was much more than the amount of time they spent hitting irons and their drivers.  This is the opposite of what I do when I am at the range and I know I need to change this in order to get much better.

The other things I noticed when I was at the range was that most of the players didn’t have the cookie cutter “perfect” swing that so many coaches and commentators preach.  Most of the players out there have a very unique swing that is based around sound fundamentals like proper set up, smooth swings and a balanced finish.  Most of the players like Rickie Fowler, Matt Kuchar, Dustin Johnson Sergio Garcia, Tommy Gainey, Luke Donald, Steve Marino, Jason Duffner, Ryan Moore and KJ Choi all have a very distinct look to them.  They aren’t some ideal swing that is considered the perfect golf swing.  These guys know what works for them and they have learned how to be successful with their very own repeatable swing.  It makes me feel like if I can harness my strengths in my own swing I can get much better at golf.  None of us are going to be able to have a swing like Tiger or Rory so why do we spend countless unsuccessful hours trying to get there.  We would be much served working on getting our own swings to repeat more often and play that swing.

As amateur golfers go we all need to be better about swinging more within ourselves and maintain our balance at set up and through our finish.  We all need to work more on our short games and manage our games around the swing we have.  I love the idea of letting go of the idea of an “ideal” swing and playing your game around what you have.  I am not saying you shouldn’t try to work on your swing fundamentals to get better, but I do think the average golfer can benefit greatly from playing the swing we have to the best of our ability instead of trying to hit it straight and hoping it goes there.  I’m not a swing coach by any means, but I like the idea that players can excel with solid fundamentals and the ability to manage their swings.


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