Changing up my Pre-Round Warm Up Routine

I am all set to play this saturday with a couple of buddies and I am excited for two reasons.  The first is that there are not many rounds left in the golf season here in Chicago so if I am going to break 80 it needs to happen in a hurry.  This Saturday provides a great opportunity for me to take a run at my summer goal.  Will it happen?  Who knows, but I feel like I am at a point in my game where it is only a matter of time before it all comes together.

The second reason I am excited for my round this weekend is I am going to try out a new pre-round warm up routine.  In the past I have spent the majority of my pre-round warm up time hitting my irons and driver at the range.  That is if I warmed up at all!  By looking at my stats from past rounds I know that I am going to miss fairways and greens, it is inevitable, but I don’t get up and down enough.  I have been practicing my short game and putting a considerable amount as of late and it has been paying off.  I have been giving my self good opportunities to save pars where in the past I never even had a realistic shot.

Prior to my round this weekend I have decided to switch up my traditional warm up routine by hitting a bunch of wedge shots a few mid irons and a few drivers on the range.  After that I am going to go to the chipping green and spend a solid 20 – 25 minutes chipping with both my sand wedge and 9 iron.  Once I have dialed in my chip shots I am going to hit the putting green and make as many 3 – 5 foot putts as I can before my tee time.  I am confident enough in my lag putting that I know I can get the ball within 3 – 5 feet 95% of the time.  Once I am at that range I want to be lights out and have no reservations about making putts from that range.

I know that by doing a pre-round routine like this I won’t have some magic fix to my game.  I am not expecting to all of a sudden make every single putt from inside 5 feet just because I practiced it before the round.  I know it takes much more work than that, but what I am hoping to do is give myself a good confidence boost prior to my round.  If I can erase even an ounce of doubt that exists around my short game I will consider the new routine a success.  I simply want to shift my focus towards being more comfortable with my chip shots and short game in general.  I have been neglecting it for far too long and it has held me back.

2 Comments to “Changing up my Pre-Round Warm Up Routine”

  1. Good change to your warm-up routine but you need to re-read your previous post about letting go. Final step is to forget about ’80’ and focus on two things: Try your hardest on every shot by staying in the moment and have fun. Thinking about ’80’ is a distraction; let that go and it will take care of itself. The first time I broke 80 I was just playing my buds for a few bucks and not thinking score at all. Added ’em up at the end of the round – 76! No worries.

    • I know what you mean, but I was simply refering to gaining confidence on my problem areas during my pre-round warm up. Once I get on the course it is still a let it go mentality. There was an obvious lack of attention in my pre-round warm up on my short game that I want to fix.

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